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# About us
We know our stuff when it comes to fire safety.

Forty years at the forefront of fire safety training in the North East and beyond has given us unrivalled expertise in making sure you and your team stay fire safe – so we speak with confidence when we say you can put your fire safety in our hands. Over those 40 years we’ve become a leading one-stop solution for fire safety. From supplying fire safety equipment, to providing fire training, to installing and maintaining fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers – if it keeps you safe from fire, it’s more than likely we do it. And of course you have the reassurance that we are certified members of the Fire Industry Association. Want to get to know us a little better? If you’re a North East business, you can take us up on our free, no obligation fire safety health check. Get in touch today.

Fire Safety Company

Our customers love us…


Passive Fire Protection
  • Fire stopping, or passive fire protection, is what we like to call The Silent Guard. Find out here how it could save lives in your building.


Fire Alarm Systems
  • Your fire safety starts with the right system. That's what we're here for. Find out more about our fire detection and alarm systems here.


Fire Risk Assesment
  • Are you meeting your legal obligations when it comes to your business's fire safety? We can take care of it for you. Find out more here.
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