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# Fire safety Specialists
Fire Alarms and Detection Systems

Crossing your fingers isn’t enough. If it’s fire alarm systems you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.
Fire safety starts with the right system, we can supply and fit all the leading brands of fire alarms and smoke detectors and, because we’re independent, you know you’ll always get the fire alarm system that’s best suited to your business – from basic conventional systems to intelligent addressable systems.
Our fire safety strategies will help you minimise the risk of a fire in the first place, but, should the worst happen, you’ll want to know you’ve got the best fire alarm systems in place to protect your staff, visitors and building. All equipment we supply conforms to EN54 requirements; meaning it has been tested to the highest standards under strict quality inspections. Our team of engineers will install your chosen system to industry standards and carry out full testing to ensure they are completely operational for when you require it the most. We will then carry out the necessary twice-yearly test and service of your fire alarms.

# we've got you covered
Emergency Call Out
Our emergency call out service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to deal with fire alarm activations and faults. If it’s smoke detectors you need, we have a wide range of both battery and mains powered brands. Whether you’re after a single small unit or a complete system for a large building, we have the smoke detector solutions you require. And at Expert Fire Solutions, we’ll also provide all the call points, fire safety signs, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers you’ll need to accompany your fire alarm systems. We’ll even service them for you too – just ask us about our fire alarm service contracts.
# Free Download
Download our easy-to-follow guide to ensuring your fire detection and alarm system is working.