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Fire Extinguisher Installation, Maintenance & Servicing in the North East

All fire safety equipment must be serviced, maintained or repaired in accordance with British Standards 5306-3, which will check all moving parts, the firing mechanism, as well as an internal and external inspection.

Once a month (water & foam, powder, CO2, wet chemical) 

Damaged or coroded fire extinguishers can explode and are generally unsafe, so it’s important to carry out regular visual inspections of portable fire extinguishers. BS5306-3 states this should be “not less than monthly and, when circumstances require, inspections should be carried out more frequently”. It’s a good idea to document your monthly checks in your Fire Safety Log Book to keep track of any changes. A basic inspection should include:
  • Checking the pressure gauge to see if it has a reader in the operable range
  • Examining for signs or corrosion, wear or damage
  • The tamper seals, if it has one, and the pin are intact
  • The fire extinguisher is not blocked
  • It is located in the designated area, is visible and unobstructed and has its operating instructions facing outwards

Every year (basic service – water & foam, powder, CO2, wet chemical)

All fire safety equipment must be annually serviced by a competent trained professional, ideally a company registered by the British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE). However, if the extinguisher has been used, or if you notice any change in the pressure gauge, it should be serviced immediately.

Every 5 years (extended service – water & foam, powder)

If you have had your extinguisher for more than five years, you will need to have an extended service conducted by a competent trained professional. This will entail:
  • All the elements from the basic service
  • A discharge test
  • Valve service/ overhaul
  • Refilling an re-pressurising

Every 10 years (extended service – CO2)

As CO2 extinguishers are high pressure cylinders, they are subject to different regulations. They require an extended service at 10-year intervals. This will require replacing the main valve, hydraulic testing (also known as a stretch test) and being sent back to an approved testing centre. This usually means that you will be supplied with a service exchange replacement.


Servicing and monthly check-ups will help to provide you with peace of mind. It also ensures your business is meeting fire safety regulations which can help you to avoid significant fines. Remember, no matter how frequently you check the extinguisher, it is still important to have it professionally serviced each year. All Expert Fire Solutions service technicians have undergone strict BAFE and Fire Industry Association (FIA) approved training, so you can be assured that all your fire extinguisher servicing will be carried out in accordance to BS5306. # Our Clients
What Our Client Say
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Tom Billingham,
Property and Facilities Manager, Durham Cathedral “The team at Expert Fire Solutions have never failed to perform. They took to managing the fire extinguisher provision, in this very complex site, very well indeed. They have provided a great service at good value for money, saving us over 30% across the board for both fire fighting equipment supply and maintenance, as well as fire alarm maintenance and upgrades. They are friendly and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them enough.” testimonial-image
Duncan Murray,
Stevenswood Ltd, “Expert Fire has produced many fire risk assessments on a variety of our properties and I have always found their reports to be robust and fit for purpose. Alan is always very informative and thorough. Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable company” testimonial-image
Neil Milburn,
Quantity Surveyor, Starkold Building Services “Good quality, efficient, honest fire servicing company we’ve used for years with no issues. Working alongside us in our fast paced construction site logistics sector, Expert Fire Solutions are an asset to our supply chain” testimonial-image
David Myers,
Project Manager, Aim To Recycle (Gateshead) “Expert Fire Solutions are intentionally our one stop shop for everything to do with fire safety advice, fire prevention systems, fire system servicing, and fire safety advice for future strategic site development plans. Their ISO9001 accreditation and professionalism throughout ensures high levels of customer service are delivered from all levels of their organisation.” testimonial-image
Jane Hunt,
Allen Wilson Group Alan made this serious subject interesting and fun. I really enjoyed the practical side of the course, with the ‘hands on’ live fire practice. Excellent course, very well delivered – 10/10.” testimonial-image
Amy Lines,
Property Manager, Residential Management Group “I have used Expert Fire Solutions over the last two years because of their professionalism and thorough approach to their work. Alan and Brian have helped in a number of emergency and non-emergency situations with fire maintenance and electrical work across a number of large housing developments and apartment blocks in the North East. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them!” testimonial-image
Dan Fillingham,
Contracts Manager, Allen Wilson Group, 2016 “Great company and very friendly, helpful service from employees all round, from office to site-based operatives. Their knowledge on fire alarms, extinguishers and fire stopping is excellent and they take away the hassle of having to have the knowledge yourself. Another bonus is they will work anywhere in the country.” testimonial-image
Sue Cook,
TJD Properties Ltd “We find EFS very professional and trustworthy which is of vital importance to us. The response from office staff and engineers is always prompt and works are carried out with a high level of care and due diligence. We would not hesitate to recommend this company for your fire protection requirements.”