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Security Systems

Are you protected from unwanted visitors?
We specialise in many forms of security systems which meet British Standards. Our qualified and accredited engineers can design, install, and maintain any security system your business requires. If you have an existing security system that requires an upgrade or simply needs maintained, we can organise a free site survey at your convenience with one of our multi-disciplined engineers.

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Business CCTV systems

We tailor each CCTV system to suit your specific business needs. We take care of everything from the initial site survey, to system design, through to installation and maintenance of your CCTV system.
Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your business is protected when you’re not on-site.
CCTV technology has come a long way since its early days, it can now provide businesses with advantageous convenience:

  • High Definition (HD) and 4K (Ultra HD) cameras can capture the smallest of details
  • Mobile devices can be securely connected to your CCTV system, allowing you to view your premises from wherever you are in the world
  • Footage can be securely stored off-site via cloud technology, reducing risk of loss or damage.

  • New CCTV technology can be integrated into your existing system, providing you with the opportunity to upgrade the crucial areas of your business without needing to change your entire current setup. Hybrid systems have proven to be a very cost-effective solution when it comes to upgrading high-risk areas of business premises.
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    Business intruder alarm systems

    Our intruder alarm systems are designed to protect your business’ assets by deterring intruders as much as possible, whether it be sounding loud alarms, activating strobe lights, or notifying emergency services instantaneously. Each of our intruder detection systems meet British Standards assuring you that your business is being authentically protected.
    Our multi-disciplined engineers can also integrate your intruder alarm system with your fire alarm system, allowing both systems to synchronise and share hardware. The advantages of a hybrid system can be a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses, but it is crucial that such systems are carefully planned and meet current British Standards.

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    We're here to help

    We do everything in-house and to the book. Each of our solutions are tried, tested, and carefully planned to meet current British Standards.
    If you would like a free site survey and find out what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team.

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    dedicated alarm receiving centre (ARC)

    Our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can monitor your security and fire systems 24/7. 
    Activation signals are sent to our dedicated ARC, where they are filtered for false activations that are neither crime related or caused by genuine intrusions or fires. In the event of a confirmed signal the police or other relevant emergency services will be contacted on your behalf.
    The advantages of a dedicated ARC provides you with the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to protecting your business:

  • Reassurance of authoritative personnel managing an alert (signal) when you’re not present.
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Able to monitor your CCTV system remotely. 
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