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Fire Extinguishers

When did you last have your fire equipment checked?
Around 80% of all reported small fires are put out using a fire extinguisher, resulting in less damage to property and safeguarding lives.
At Expert Fire Solutions, we only supply the very best fire safety equipment that we are happy to vouch for. All of our fire extinguishers come with a 5-year guarantee as standard, so you can rest assured our products are of the highest quality.

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What we offer

Our range includes all types of fire extinguishers, each of which comes colour coded to indicate the type of fire it’s suitable for. All extinguishers are manufactured and kitemarked to BSEN3 standards and our servicing is carried out in accordance with BS5306:Part 3 2009.
Supply, installation, inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers is all covered by our team of qualified fire safety technicians – and you have the peace of mind of knowing we can respond promptly, with call-out services available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Our Technicians

All Expert Fire Solutions service technicians have undergone strict BAFE and Fire Industry Association (FIA) approved training, so you can be assured that all your fire extinguisher servicing will be carried out in accordance to BS5306.
Want to make sure your team is ready in the event of a fire? Our fire safety training courses include full training on how to use fire extinguishers correctly.
And if you’re into your techy stuff, you can read all about fire extinguisher regulations here and the different fire extinguishers available here.

You can also get information on how often your fire extinguisher should be serviced here.

Download our simple step-by-step guide to carrying out your weekly fire extinguisher checks.

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What Our Client Say

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