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Emergency Lighting

We are lighting the way to safety
Emergency lighting is one of those things that you never notice, until the day comes when you really need it.
A power cut can plunge you into darkness, creating panic and chaos – the worst possible situation if you’re trying to escape a fire.
Emergency lighting turns on automatically in the event of a power failure, so even if the lights go out, you’ll never be left in the dark.

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What We Offer

Expert Fire Solutions stocks a wide range of emergency lighting for commercial properties. Because we’re independent, we’ll design, supply and fit the emergency lighting system that best suits your needs and situation – whether it’s escape route lighting, open area lighting, or high-risk task area lighting.
And we can also follow up with regular maintenance and servicing of course.
Get in touch for a chat and we’ll make sure you’re switched on to the best emergency lighting for your business.

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What Our Client Say

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