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# Business Fire Safety
Safety Products

We provide various products to insure that your business is up to fire and safety in the workplace standards. Please view what we can offer you below.

Fire extinguishers (Red)

EFS provide a full-range of quality kite-marked BS EN3 extinguishers, Water, Foam, Powder, CO2, Wet Chemical, Class D

Fire Extinguishers (Chrome)

EFS can supply a full range of stainless steel and polished aluminium extinguishers, perfect for architecturally-sensitive environments and design-led interiors.

Fire Alarm Equipment

EFS can supply a full range of system types and equipement, eg Fire Control Panels, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Manual Call Points, Call Point Glass and Protective Covers.

Emergency Lights

EFS can supply a full range of emergency lighting systems and products such as LED Bulkheads, LED Power Floods and Decorative Fittings

Fire Points

Double, triple and quadruple fire points are available complete with a combination of fire extinguishers, site alarm and signage. The points can be static or mobile


Fire safety signage, health & safety signage, traffic signs, construction signage, bespoke signage.

Extinguisher Cabinets

Double or single, robust construction, available in various colours.

Extinguishers Stands

Double or single, robust construction. Chrome and various colours available

Fire Blankets

EFS provide a full range of quality kite-marked BS EN1869 manufactured fire blankets. Various sizes available in either red or white

First Aid Equipment

A substantial range of first aid equipment, including first aid kits - manufactured to BS 8599-1, eye wash stations, drench showers, foil blankets.

Brigade Equipment

Standpipes, lay flat hoses – types 1, 2 & 3, landing valves, inlet breaches, dry riser cabinets, dry riser glass

Protective Clothing

High vis jackets/vests, workwear supplies, eye and ear protection, gloves, masks, hard hats – personalise with your company logo

Fire Door Equipment

Push bar mechanism, push pads, intumescent seals, panic bolts, door closers

Flammable Liquid Cabinets

EFS provide a wide range of storage facilities and accessories to help you store a variety of chemicals and equipment safely and securely.


Dorgard is a simple, reliable, electronic device that holds a fire door open and then automatically releases the door using acoustic technology should a fire alarm sound.

Intumescent Products

EFS can supply a full range of passive fire products including door seals, pipe collars, intu paints and sealants.