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# The silent guard for your building
Fire Stopping

The silent guard for your building
You probably don’t know whether the building you’re in has been fire stopped – there won’t be any obvious indications to the untrained eye. That is, until a fire breaks out – and spreads randomly and remotely from room to room.
Fire stopping makes fire containment much more predictable and reliable. Simply put, it saves lives.
That’s why we call fire stopping The Silent Guard.

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What It Is and What It Does

Also known as fire proofing or passive fire protection, fire stopping aims to limit a fire to the room it originates in, by ensuring all those small and seemingly insignificant gaps around wiring, pipes or joints in the walls, floors and ceilings are plugged up.
If left open, flames, gases and smoke can pass through these small gaps, causing the fire to spread much more rapidly through a building.
Fire stopping gives a building’s occupants more chance to evacuate safely, it gives the fire brigade more time to extinguish a fire, and it cuts the costs of rebuilding after a fire considerably.
These videos explain more about fire stopping and passive fire protection:

Expert Fire Solutions has a full range of fire stopping products to protect your building and, of course, we are fully accredited to Exova BM Trada.

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